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Intelligent Core & More C. Kaltenbach
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79183 Waldkirch, Germany

                                                                 "the spirit is, which moves" "which moves, the spirit is"

Intelligent Core
Data Processing, Signal Processing, Speech Processing and Image Processing
as well as
Technical/Operational  Systems and Components

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Computer scientist industrial electronics technician C. Kaltenbach - Visionary of intelligent core! - Owner, managing director of intelligent core / intelligent core & more!

Intelligent Core
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Intelligent Core
Intelligent Core Faith, Hope & Charity

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Your Faith, Hope & Charity  

    Intelligent Core Sammlung (dt.) / Intelligent Core Collection (engl.)

 Intelligent Core /
Clemens Kaltenbach

 – das Sanfte (lat.)
   – the Gentle (lat.)


fr alle wahren Bedrftigen
 for all true Needy

 auf der ganzen Welt verteilt

 over the whole World spreaded

 gebt denen Wasser und Brot
 give them Water and Bread

   fr alle fr dich fr immer 
  for all for you for ever

"das Geist ist, das bewegt" (dt.)                             "the spirit is, which moves" (engl.)
"das bewegt, das Geist ist" (dt.)                             "which moves, the spirit is" (engl.)

Aphorismus,  Aphorism translation Clemens Kaltenbach


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